Crispy Tofu


Tofu-1 Package( firm or extra firm)

All Purpose flour-1/2 cup

Cornstarch- 2 tsp.

Salt-3/4 tsp.

Chili  Powder-3/4 tsp.

Water-1/4 cup, Plus or minus few tbsp.

Oil-3 cups ,for frying

Iceberg lettuce-To serve(Optional)


1. Open and drain the Tofu package and cut into cubes and place in the strainer. Leave for about 30 minutes and pat dry with a paper towel.

2. Mix All-purpose flour, salt, cornstarch, chili powder and water to make a smooth paste (add 1/4 th cup water and add more  until you get the desired consistency) . It should not be runny or too thick

3. Heat oil in a frying pan or deep fryer and dip the tofu cubes in the all -purpose mixture, coat all the sides and fry . Prepare in batches making sure not to add too many at once.

4. Serve on the iceberg lettuce with a dipping Sauce.


Goes well with Mango Sauce ( Recipe under Sauces and Dips).Can be served with Peanut butter sauce ,Plum sauce or any variety of Vietnamese or Chinese sauce.


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