Aloo parata

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Shutter:1/0 sec








Aloo Paratha


For making the stuffing:

Potato- 2 (mashed)
Onion- 1 (diced)
Green chili- 2 diced or red chili powder- ½ tsp.
Cilantro- 1/4th cup
Oil- 2 tbsp.
Method: Take oil in a pan add the onions, green chili or the red chili powder, salt and then add the mashed potatoes and toss well until the potatoes are coated with oil and the spices.
For making the wheat dough:
Wheat flour- 1 ½ cups
Water- 3/4th cup (+_2 tbsp.)
Salt- 1/4th tsp.

Method: Mix the wheat flour with salt and add little water at a time to make a smooth dough. Coat the dough with non-stick cooking spray and keep it in the air tight container until ready to use. The dough should rest for about at least 1 hour before rolling the parathas.

Final Step:
1. Take a small round (golf ball size) dough and roll it out into 6 inch diameter (roughly) and take 3- 4 tbsp. of spiced mashed potatoes and place it in the center of the rolled dough.
2. Now roll the dough until about 8 inches or more by sprinkling the all-purpose flour on the rolling surface. Make sure that the dough does not stick to the surface while rolling.
3. Cook on a non-stick pan on both sides for about 1-2 minutes each side and serve with butter or any side dish.


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