Caramel Custard-Quick Recipe

Caramel Custard: quick and easy version



Milk-400 ml

Sugar – 3+4 tbsp.

Corn starch- 2 ½ tsp.

Vanilla  extract 1 ½ -2 tsp.

Method: Caramelize 3 tbsp. sugar in a 8/8 pan (preferably steel or any pan that is safe to go in the pressure cooker) after coating with oil or a cooking spray.

Blend 3 eggs, add 400 ml milk, 7 tbsp. sugar, cornstarch, vanilla extract and blend again. Pour mixture to the caramelized pan and pressure cook high for 7 minutes (or for 1 whistle, if using Indian pressure cooker) and simmer for 5 minutes.

Flip on a serving tray and chill for few hours (at least 4 hours) to set.


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