Mango blueberry pie

This is the recipe that I invented when I had all these ingredients in hand and thought it would go well together. In fact, it did and we all liked it a lot. Summer is the best time to get fresh blueberries, mango and basil.


blueberries 16 oz.

Mangoes-2 ( chopped)

Basil leaves 8

Sugar-1/2 cup

cornstarch 2-3 tbsp.

Mix all the ingredients together and

Pie crust:

all-purpose flour 2 cups

butter or Crisco shortening-2/3 rd cup( room temperature)

salt-2/3 rd tsp.

water 6  and 3/4th tbsp.

Take all-purpose flour and salt and mix in room temperature butter or shortening and mix with water quickly in as less time as possible and let it rest for few minutes before rolling.

once the pie crust is rolled into circular shape, put it on a greased pie plate and add the filling mixture and bake@ 375 F for 35 minutes.



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