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  1. Making Zabaglione crème
  2. Making coffee/wine mixture
  3. Finish and assembling the cake

1.Making Zabaglione:

This has three steps: Heavy whip creme, cooking egg yolk in double boiler and setting mascarpone to room temperature and mixing all three at the end,.

a.Heavy whipping creme-1 cup and 2 tbsp. sugar( whip it together to make a creamy mixture and put it in fridge for 1 hour). Sugar should be added half way in the whipping process.

b. Double boiler step

large egg yolks (discard whites)-5

Sugar (white)-1/2 cup

Marsala wine-1/2  cup

Beat egg yolk and sugar until pale yellow in the upper double boiler bowl. Set up the double boiler by filling With water in the bottom container, and once the water starts boiling, place the upper container with the beaten egg yolk yolk and sugar on the top of it and cook (double boil) the mixture by adding marsala wine. This will take about 10 minutes(or stop when soft mounds form). Refrigerate for 30 minutes (very important to cool it, since it will alter the texture if skipped)

c. Mascarpone cheese– 1 lb. soften it by thawing it to room temperature.

Mix the whipped heavy whipping crème, egg /wine cooked mixture and mascarpone cheese and blend it to smooth mixture with the help of a hand blender- Zabaglione is ready and Refrigerate for about an hour

2.Making Coffee/wine mixture:

expresso coffee-2 cups

Marsala wine-1/4 cup

Vanilla extract-1.5 tbsp.

Sugar-2 tbsp.

In a bowl, mix expresso, 2 tbsp. sugar, marsala and vanilla extract and reserve for soaking the lady fingers.

3.Finish and assembling the cake

You will need-1 pack of lady fingers cookies 36 cookies total,

Cocoa powder-5 tbsp.

assemble 16 cookies flat in a 9x 13 pan and carefully pour  ¾ th tbsp. of coffee/wine mixture on each cookie( make sure not to use more, since it will be over soaked and if less, cookies gets dry).

Spoon 1/3 rd. of cheese mixture over cookies and sprinkle with cocoa powder. Repeat the process 2 more times ending with cocoa powder. Cover and refrigerate for at least 5 hours, preferable overnight, so that cookies can absorb coffee/wine mixture and becomes moist.

Garnish with chocolate curls if desired.

Important Tips:

After making Tiramisu for many times, I feel that the most crucial step is double boiler step. Make sure that you have beaten the egg yolks with sugar until pale yellow , creamy and smooth and you are adding the marsala wine only after you have placed the creamy egg and sugar on the double boiler.

Also, expresso is too much for some of the non coffee lovers and I substitute 1/2 cup with 1/2 cup water and add little bit more sugar.

Soaking with 1 tbsp of coffee mixture for 1 cookie is standard . If you like little less coffee flavor, add only 3/4th tbsp. along with diluting expresso with water.


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