Grilled Pesto Naan

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Grilled Pesto Naan:

Ingredients you will need,
Chicken – ½ lb.
Chili powder – ½ tsp.
Oil – 3 tsp. to cook chicken.

Naan- Click on the Naan for recipe: 4 naans
Presto- Click on Presto Sauce for the recipe: 4 tbsp. (about a tbsp. for each naan).

Cheese- Mozzarella or any other of your preference.
Veggies- colored peppers, mushrooms, basil, onions, etc.( about 11/2 cup of veggies of your choice)
Extra oil to saute the veggies and salt and pepper.

Step1. Preparing chicken: Marinate chicken with ½ tsp., salt, 1 tsp. oil and any other spice powder of your preference ( I use coriander and cumin powder sometimes). Wither grill the chicken or cook it on the stove top with oil.

Step2. Preparing veggies: Use preferred veggies of your choice. I have used colored bell peppers, basil, onions, mushrooms as toppings and I have sauteed these veggies with very little oil, salt and pepper.

Step3. Finish by grilling the naan with sauce, veggies and meat. Take the naan and spread the pesto sauce and cheese of your preference (I have used mozzarella cheese) and place chicken and veggies on the top and bake/grill the naan. I use Presto Pizzaz Pizza Maker to grill the naan.

1. This will taste equally good when you skip the meat.
2. You can replace the chicken with any other meat like lamb, pork or any sea food.


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