Enokitake 榎茸 Mushroom fried rice

Focal Length:42mm
Shutter:1/0 sec






Enokitake 榎茸 Mushroom (Japanese) fried rice.

Cooked white rice 2 cups (Preferably jasmine)
oil 2 tbsp.
Ginger-1 tbsp. (minced)
Onions 1 (finely diced)
Colored pepper 1 (any color, chopped)
Enokitake 榎茸 Mushroom- 1 packet (16 oz.)
Baby Bella mushroom 1 cup cut into bite size pieces (use any other variety of your choice)
Japanese soy sauce 2-3 tbsp. (Kikkoman brand)
Eggs- 2 (optional)
Red chili flakes to taste.
Salt and Pepper to taste.
Green onion

1. In a wok, take 2-tbps of oil, sauté ginger, onion, bell peppers and mushrooms by adding salt and red chili flakes.
2. Once the veggies are done (1- 2 minute), add white rice, salt and pepper powder.
3. Scramble the egg either in the center of the wok by pushing aside the contents or in a different small fry pan (I’m just little obsessed with not mixing things while cooking, especially egg!).
4. Stir the rice, veggies, scrambled eggs everything together and add soy sauce and stir for one minute. When done add the green onions and cilantro at the end.

Note: This is modified Japanese style as red chili flakes are not used traditionally. Soy sauce, salt and pepper and the main flavoring ingredients, especially in Hibachi style fried rice recipes.


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