Rava (Semolina) Idli

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Rava (Semolina) Idli recipe
This recipe is adopted from raks kitchen, http://www.rakskitchen.net/2009/03/rava-idlies-and-happy-moments-to-share.html

Oil -1 tbsp.
Mustard 1 tsp
Chana dal- 1 tsp
Ginger (chopped very fine or paste) -1 tsp
Green chilies (chopped very fine) – 4 no’s
Curry and coriander leaves -1 tbsp. (chopped very fine)
Cashews- 1 tbsp. (broken into small pieces)
Rava (semolina) -1 cup

Next steps:
Yogurt- 1/2 cup
Water- 1/2 cup; adjust to reach consistency
Lemon juice- 1/2 tsp
Salt As needed
Eno fruit salt- 1 tsp

Carrot shredded-1 tbsp.
Coconut shredded- 1 tbsp.

1. Heat a wok and add oil, once hot sprinkle mustard and add the rest of the seasoning ingredients. Add the finely chopped ginger and chilies.
2. Add the rava (semolina) with curry leaves and coriander leaves to it and fry in a low flame.
3. Transfer to a bowl, cool down and add the yogurt, water, lemon juice, salt and mix well
4. Heat the idly cooker with water and let it be just ready for steaming and grease the idly plates with ghee/oil. Add Eno just before poring the idli batter to the steamer bowls.
Garnishing can be done after or before pouring the batter to the bowls.


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